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You will need to complete a simple online application which will take approximately 10 minutes, to determine whether you are approved by Openpay for the finance plan.

We can guide you through the process.

If approved, you choose the term of the finance plan 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the amount borrowed


If you decide to continue, at time of application, you will need to pay a 20% deposit from your debit or credit Visa or Mastercard.

Additional fees apply : -

 - a one-off setup fee up to $45

 - a processing fee of $2.95 per weekly payment OR $3.95 per fortnightly payment

 - an admin fee based on the finance plan selected

Your 1st payment commences up to 1 month after your application approval.  You get to choose the date.

You can make early payments or payout the loan without any penalties.



1.    Photo ID  -  drivers licence              2.    Debit or credit card details

3.    Email address                                    4.    Phone number

For full terms & conditions, visit Openpay's website

OR contact Openpay on 1300 168 359

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