Selling a property can be both a rewarding and stressful experience.  You want to sell quickly, but also for the highest possible price. 

If you are serious about achieving these goals, you need to present your property in such a way as to attract as many buyers as possible.  Increased demand results in increased prices.   So, how do you increase the demand ?   One of the key elements is Home Staging, also known as Property Styling. 



For most buyers, the first time they see your property is on-line.  First impressions are critical.  In an increasingly difficult market,  your property must stand out.  


The appeal of your on-line photos could be the difference between  whether a buyer decides to inspect your property,      or not.   


Displaying a beautifully staged home helps showcase your property to a wider range of buyers.  

The more buyers interested, the more enquiries generated.

More enquiries lead to more offers which in turn gives your Agent the leverage to negotiate the best possible price.


It is widely recognised amongst Real Estate Agents that staged    properties generally sell faster and for a higher price. 



We all like beautiful things and when emotion gets involved in a purchase, we generally end up paying more.  A buyer is unlikely to develop an emotional attachment over a cold, uninviting, vacant property.   The same is true for a property that has someone else’s belongings and furniture.


That is why volume builders focus so much attention on creating the right look & feel in their display homes.  They know that getting it right has a direct impact on sales.


Buyers cannot always visualise what to do with a space.  You need to show them with furniture. Empty rooms can appear smaller than they are. Rooms being used for alternate purposes can also be confusing to buyers in terms of their function. Placing correctly staged furniture takes away any confusion the buyer may have as to whether, for example, a double bed will    fit or not.


An empty property can expose any flaws, wear & tear, defects and damage for all to see. A buyer will have no alternative but  to focus on these; a negative experience which can be used to negotiate a reduced sale price. A staged property, on the other hand, provides buyers with a positive experience which can 

assist the vendor to negotiate a price on their terms.

Check out our before and after photos to decide which presentation of a property you would pay more for.


To achieve your desired sale price you must have some form      of leverage. Something you have that a buyer can't do without.  With property, it's all about the presentation. Your property    must be appealing, otherwise buyers will just move on to something that is and you will be left with the bargain hunters.    If your property appears dated or neglected, buyers will offer

less for it and you loose your negotiating leverage.

There are costs associated with being on the market for an extended period. There are the obvious expenses, but more importantly there is the market perception. "There must be something wrong with it". "The price is too high". "They must

be getting desperate to sell". "Lack of interest". All of these perceptions will have a negative impact on your negotiating position.

The key objective of Staging is to entice as many buyers as possible in the shortest amount of time. This will place your

Agent in a stronger negotiating position at time of sale.

"An investment in Home Staging is a smarter choice than a costly Price Reduction"


Luxury Styling at an affordable price. 

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